CLEEN foundation has unveiled the new Civil Millitary Relations (CMR) publication of the foundation (Phase 4) to strengthen civil military relations in Nigeria to improve accountability and human rights.

The publication is titled “Deepening Civil Millitary Relations for Effective Peace-Building and Democratic Governances.”

According to the Executive Director of CLEEN foundation Dr Benson Olugbuo said the project was in partnership of the National Human Right Commision is aimed at creating public awareness on the objectives of the new phase of the CMR project.

He said since the commencement of the CLEEN foundation’s civil military relations work in 2015, the Millitary has implemented several reforms to improve its interactions with the public and its ability to fulfill its public mandate.

Dr Olugbuo said while CLEEN has successfully initiated a dialogue between civil society and the Millitary through previous interactions of this project, this phase of the project will now focus on fostering frank and more systematic conversations around the Millitary reforms.

He further said to achieve the objective for this phase of the CMR project ,CLEEN foundation has set up the “Network on Security Sector Reform in Nigeri” (NetSSRIN).

He said a consortium of 12 civil society organizations from across the six geopolitical zones,tasked with tracking Millitary perpetrated human rights violations, and Millitary response to these allegations.

Also, the Executive Secretary of the National Human Rights Commission Tony Ojukwu explained that in the past the CMR in Nigeria has been quite appalling ,however , there has been significant departure from the old norm and this road map intends to develop and build further upon the robust civil Millitary relations in the country.

He said efforts are been made by the Nigerian Millitary to observe and respect human rights in its operations and interaction with the civil populace.

“This forum therefore will provide the CRM stakeholders opportunities to discuss the recommendations outlined in the CRM road map and also serve as a platform for pushing for more action on strengthening the role of the actors ,”he said.

CLEEN’s Program Manager Ruth Olofin said CLEEN and it’s NetSSRIN partners will this time lead and facilitate civil -Millitary accountability forums at the National level on what they have found and Millitary’s effort at redress.

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