The Steering Committee meeting on Civil Military Relations (Phase 4) held on the 22nd of August 2019, at the conference room of CLEEN Foundation. The objective of the meeting was to bring together all key stakeholders on the CMR project for the purpose of getting their inputs and also to create a common understanding. Representatives from the following agencies were in attendance: National Human Rights Commission, Nigerian Defence HQ, Nigerian Army, Nigerian Navy, Nigerian Air force, Office of the National Security Adviser and Civil Society.

The Steering committee members agreed to take the following steps toward achieving the goals of the project.

  • Setting up a public hearing in the state of Borno for the communities to voice out their issues about the abuses and activities of the military.
  • Courtesy visit to the new chief of CMR in the military
  • Scaling up the project i.e. Doing a perception survey on CMR in Nigeria
  • Methodology meeting for developing the tools for acquiring information from the focal areas
  • The military should be reminded of their responsibility to protect as they are also citizens in uniform
  • Need to educate the populace on the achievements and success stories of the military due to poor awareness.
  • A need to have a convening of Civil-Military Relations Officers and their Superiors to talk about challenges in their zone
  • Training of human rights desks officer by the NHRC to carry out their mandates
  • Invitation of media representatives to the next steering committee meeting and also involvement in activities going forward.
  • Share reports of the NETSSRIN members for necessary follow up at the Armed Forces Headquarters

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