On the 30th of November 2019 morning at about 9am, NetSSRIN team reached out to the head of the Human Rights Desk to confirm appointments of meeting for 12noon on Mr. Prince Fubara’s case, the team was informed by Maj. Patience Nwachi that she has been relieved of her duties at the desk with effective immediately from that 30th and that she is to resume at 82 Division. The Major offered her apologies and asked that the team direct all complaints to the Military Police unit pending when the new head of the Human Rights Desk resumes.

After visiting the military Police in 6Division Port Harcourt on the same 30th of November 2019 for more verification and complain of Mr. Prince Fubara’s case whose whereabouts was still unknown, the team was referred to seek answers from the GOCs office because they do not have such a person in their custody.

It was at the point of the GOCs office that further investigation revealed Mr. Prince Fubara was in OPERATION DELTA SAFE DETENTION FACILITY in Bayelsa state although this revelation was discrete information.

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